Our History

Pascor Atlantic was originally founded in 1910 as R&IE in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Our remarkable heritage engrained in us a passion for doing whatever it takes to manufacture a flawless product and the desire to go well-beyond what is expected to serve our customers. We are the successor company of some of the most recognized and respected names in the electrical industry. R&IE, ITE, Gould, BBC, and ABB each influenced the current products, designs, operating philosophy, and our commitment to ongoing service. This lineage provides the foundation of high standards that made Pascor Atlantic who we are today.

• R&IE 1910-1943
• ITE 1943-1973
• Gould 1973-1982
• BBC 1982-1988
• ABB 1988-2000
• Pascor Atlantic 2000-Present

Pascor Atlantic in southwest Virginia
Pascor Atlantic is located in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of southwest Virginia.

Our Products

We manufacture a variety of switch designs to satisfy many substation and transmission applications with ratings to 800 kV and 5000 A. Our engineers have pioneered many design principles that are used throughout the industry today. They are the cornerstone of our switch designs. Product longevity depends on sound designs. The principles we employ ensure bulletproof products.

We also offer a complete line of accessories, including motor operators, high-speed ground switches, auxiliary switches, arcing horns, whips, interlocks, and interrupters. Our designs meet IEEE standards and have completed extensive seismic testing. We are an innovative team with over a century-long reputation for doing business the way we believe is right, to benefit our customers, our employees, our suppliers, and our community.

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